Firefighter Fun

Duration: any

Age: toddler, child

Skill for Bub: Muscle Builder, Just for fun, Mind Builder


Your child will love pretending to put out fires in this homemade firefighter uniform and rescue truck.

Playing dress-up is a creative way for children to try on different “grown-up” jobs. This firefighter costume and fire truck may take a little extra effort to make, but it’s worth it to help your young one imagine what it’s like to be a real live superhero.

Firefighter Hat

Make a classic paper hat using a sheet of newspaper painted red.

  • Fold the piece of newspaper in half.
  • Fold the two folded corners in at a diagonal.
  • Fold the top flap two times up toward the folded corners.
  • Turn the hat over and repeat the same folding pattern.
  • Make a badge out of yellow construction paper. Label it with a numeral of your child’s choice and tape it to the front of the hat.

Firefighter Jacket

Create a number using black duct or masking tape and adhere it to the back of a yellow raincoat.

Fire Ax

A wooden spatula makes a safe make-believe fire ax.

Fire Hose

A small garden hose is the perfect piece of equipment for dousing out pretend flames.

Fire Truck

  • Cut a round hole in the middle of the top of a large cardboard moving box.
  • Paint the entire box red.
  • Paint a picture of a white ladder on the right and left sides of the box and lots of buttons and levers.
  • Paint yellow headlights and taillights and a license plate labeled with the word EMERGENCY.
  • Attach a paper plate to one end of an empty paper towel cardboard container to use as the steering wheel. Cut a small hole in the top of the box and insert the steering wheel.

Give your child a small bell or whistle to sound the alarm. Now this is five-alarm excitement!