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Going for a Silly Swim

Duration: any

Age: baby, toddler

Skill for Bub: Muscle Builder, Just for fun, Mind Builder


Who says it’s too cold to go swimming? Jumping around in an inflatable kiddie pool filled with scarves becomes a perfect cold-weather activity.

It’s tough to keep toddlers interested in one activity for a long period of time. Here’s one idea that costs a bit more money, but is worth the investment when you see how long your little one stays amused.

Gather or Buy:

  • An inflatable pool (Consider purchasing one with a built-in slide for even more fun!)
  • A large quantity of sheer colorful scarves (Available at craft or toy stores)

Get Started:

  • Inflate the pool and fill it with the scarves.
  • Place your child in the pool (or help her down the slide).
  • Show her how to crawl around, throw the scarves up in the air, and play peek-boo!
  • As always, be sure to supervise your child during this activity.