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Simple directions

Duration: any

Age: baby, parent

Skill for Bub: Hand/eye coordination, Mind builder


Practise direction and encourage cognitive thinking.

By practicing simple directions, your baby will develop her cognitive thinking. Pick three very different toys and sit on the floor with your baby and the toys next to you.

  • Say, “I am going to pick up the ball.” Then pick it up.
  • Say to your baby “Can you pick up the ball?” and encourage her to pick up the ball – show her again if she is having trouble.
  • Give the baby another direction for example, “give the doll a kiss”. You give the doll a kiss and let your baby do the same.

Think about the different kinds of directions you can give your baby. Some examples are picking things up, putting things down, and bringing you things, show your baby how to perform the action at first then let her do it by herself. Try repeating the same direction 2 to 3 times to reinforce the words and actions. Praise your baby each time she succeeds and she will be very proud of herself.