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Kids Activities

Looking for fun and stimulating activities for your child? Rather than sit him in front of the TV all day, choose from our range of over 350 engaging, fun and educational activities for newborns to toddlers, and for parents too! If it's the school holidays, try making a lion's mask or playing dress up. If you're having a party, make some cool cupcake cones. If your bubby loves the outdoors, sit in the garden with him and blow rainbow bubbles. There are craft, seasonal or holiday activities, puzzles, family games and much more!


  • Create homemade custom books to develop and stimulate your child's love of reading and mental development.
  • Encourage physical development and hand-eye coordination with activities for children of all ages.
  • Rewarding ways to challenge your child's thinking and perception, and develop their cognitive thinking.
  • Build young minds by sharing new information about the world. Reward your child for remembering.
  • Get your child excited about using the potty with these fun and useful activities.

Fun and Games

  • Activities, exercises and ideas to help your new family bond.
  • Develop hand/eye coordination and strengthen little muscles, all while having fun.
  • Keep the kids entertained on those long, "Are we there yet?" car journeys.
  • Foster your child's interest in food using these edible activities.
  • Preserve those precious memories with our crafty projects.
  • From announcements through to baby showers, thoughtful ideas to help with the anticipation of parenthood.
  • Bond, entertain and stimulate your child with our range of musical activities.
  • Keep the kids occupied during rainy days and help develop their dexterity with these great projects.
  • Ideas for beach trips, birthday parties, local park and even the backyard, to make those excursions much more fun.
  • Nurture your child's creativity with make believe, dressing up and playing pretend.
  • Water games for kids
    Safe and fun ways for kids to get wet, and sometimes even clean.
  • Winnie the Pooh Activities
    A fantastic range of games, crafts and puzzles featuring all your favourite characters from the 100 Acre Wood.

Seasonal/Holiday activities

  • Festive activities to get your children into the spirit of the season.
  • Create your own home grown Easter egg hunt with our chocolate-free ideas.
  • Make Dad feel super special with our crafts for kids to show their love.
  • Drive away the boredom and give the kids plenty to do during those holiday periods.