Crocodile Cake

by Grace_Wilson2

  • Crocodile Cake

this is the Croc cake i made for my partners 24th birthday. but perfect for a littl boy who likes crocodiles :)

it wasnt perfect so i filled the plate with malteasers so it looked like it was swimming in a swamp.. p.s first cake ive ever made, so pretty proud. and soo easy and fun.. he didnt suspect a thing.. a few little tips..

for the lumpy back i put melted chocolate on it and sprinkled with ricebubbles… and for the spikes i udes toblerone.. but you could use the mint leave lollies..

i went into a local cake shop and bought $5 work of royal icing which you just roll out with a rolling pin.. they also had little start decorations — i cut the spikes of the stars and used them as the teeth and the eyes were just yellow lollies that the cake shop had

i started with 1 round and 1 square cake.. made the body shape and head shape and used the offcuts to build up the crocs head and form the tail.. melted choc holds it all together well before putting a very thin layer of royal icing over it

i just used green food colouring and got a paint brush and went crazy,. you could add a bit of orange to make a more browny croc but i was too excited to finish :) hope you like it