Other recipes tagged "Iron"

  • Istock_000002925442small

    Creamy Chicken & Broccoli

    Home made baby food made simple! For those little ones 7months and older great texture while being super healthy.

    Age: baby Duration: long

    baby care, iron

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    Beef Stew

    A yummy winter stew for your baby! Also for the family if you dont puree. Add in pasta bits to add more of a meal to the stew.

    Age: Duration: medium

    baby care, iron

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    Beef and vegetables

    Beef and veggies is a great, easy, nutritious meal, puree for your little one but leave as is for the grown-ups in the family!

    Age: baby Duration: medium

    baby care, iron

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    Fish, Potato and Spinach Puree

    A nutrient packed food for growing babies. This dish is great as it adds in fish and 2 great veggies!

    Age: baby Duration: short

    baby care, early nutrition, iron, essential fatty acids

  • Beetrootsalad

    Lentil & Beetroot Salad

    This is such a great salad for mums. It’s low GI releasing energy slowly into your body, it’s packed with all important nutrients and most importantly it’s delicious! Beetroot is one of the most powerful super foods (yes even the canned kind!), spinach contains both iron and folic acid which will help with your energy levels and mood swings. Michelle.

    Age: Duration: short

    iron, essential fatty acids

  • 3760scr

    Beef & vegetable skewers

    A quick and healthy dinner you can adapt for any aged child.

    Age: Duration: short

    iron, toddler, protein

  • 4-1516_beef_casserole_and_dumplings

    Beef casserole and dumplings

    A fantastic healthy dinner that can be done on the stove or in a slow cooker.

    Age: Duration: medium

    nutrition, parenting, iron, toddler, protein

  • 4-1511_lamb_veggy_roast_with_potato_wedges

    Lamb and veggie roast with potato wedges

    The whole family will love this hearty roast. With options for babies, toddlers and even the grown-ups, it’s sure to become a fast favourite.

    Age: Duration: medium

    nutrition, parenting, iron, protein

  • 4-1497_beef_tomato_and_sweet_potato_stew

    Beef, tomato and sweet potato stew

    This hearty stew includes loads of veggies and is rich in fibre, protein and other good things for bub.

    Age: baby Duration: short

    nutrition, baby care, iron, protein

  • 3780scr

    Beef steak with mango salsa

    Add a twist to your steak with this zesty mango salsa!

    Age: parent Duration: short

    breastfeeding, parenting, iron, protein