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  • D5295_easy_beef_stroganoff

    Easy beef stroganoff

    Using beef strips means you can cook dinner in a flash!

    Age: Duration: short

    family, parenting, iron, protein

  • D5293_meatballs_in_tomato_sauce

    Meatballs in tomato sauce

    This classic recipe makes about 26 meatballs – enough to feed a hungry brood! Freeze leftovers in small containers for a last-minute dinner option when you don’t have time to cook.

    Age: Duration: short

    family, parenting, iron, protein

  • D5292_sausages_sticky_glaze_

    Sticky glaze sausages

    Kids love little sausages. Make longer beef sausages more manageable by twisting and turning the sausage in the middle to make two smaller ones. Snip in the middle with scissors, then grill, barbeque or pan-fry!

    Age: child Duration: medium

    nutrition, family, parenting, iron, toddler, protein

  • Slow-cooked-beef-stew

    Slow cooked beef stew

    Break out the slow cooker and try this hearty beef stew recipe for a dinner the whole family will love!

    Age: Duration: long

    iron, protein

  • Lamb___apricot_tangine

    Lamb and apricot tagine

    ‘Tagine’ is just a fancy name for a Moroccan-inspired casserole. They usually contain fruit such as dried apricots or prunes, so their natural sweetness often appeals to children.

    Age: Duration: medium

    parenting, iron, protein

  • Beef_and_choc

    Beef in chocolate

    Looking for some interesting dinner inspiration? Try this beef in chocolate recipe (not as crazy as it sounds!)

    Age: Duration: long

    family, iron, protein, chocolate

  • Venison-backstrap

    Venison back strap on smashed purple potatoes

    Cameron Petley was hugely popular in Series 2 of MasterChef NZ – an unassuming country bloke who cooked what he caught and hunted for his family. What’s more, the judges thought he was a ‘genius with flavour’, able to understand what ingredients worked together perfectly – without any training at all. Try this fabulous recipe from his book Hunter From The Heartland.

    Age: parent Duration: short

    family, parenting, iron, protein