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  • Istock_000004362649small

    Fruity Banana Porridge

    There’s nothing quite like a hearty bowl of warm porridge on a winters morning.
    Perfect for babies, toddlers and mum- just change the consistency to suit.

    Age: Duration: medium

    healthy eating, toddler, learning to Eat

  • Istock_000006657765small

    Home Made Fish Fingers

    Great finger food for toddlers! Good way to get them eating fish, make home made chips and add a healthy salad for extra tastiness!

    Age: toddler Duration: medium

    fish, snack, toddler, learning to Eat

  • Istock_000009720998small

    Fruit Icy Pole

    A yummy treat for the kids! Try blending other fruits in season like mangoes or watermelon.

    Age: toddler Duration: long

    snack, toddler, learning to Eat

  • Istock_000006354348small

    Fruity Ice Blocks

    Your kids will love helping you make this one, they can even invent their own flavours! Add different fruits for variation.

    Age: Duration: long

    snack, toddler, learning to Eat

  • Istock_000006098022small

    Pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot and cheese pasta mix

    This dish is packed full of delicious veggies that are great for your little one. Added cheese will melt into the hot veggies and add a nice touch of flavor to the meal.

    Age: toddler Duration: medium

    vegetarian, toddler, carbs, learning to Eat

  • Noname-7

    Hidden Treasure Bacon and Egg Pie

    This recipe submitted by Huggies Baby Club member K. Palmer, Ravensthorpe, WA is perfect for fussy eaters who dont like vegetables. The “hidden treasure” is the vegies hidden inside. The recipe can also be tweeked with low fat options for a healthier alternative.

    Age: parent Duration: medium

    toddler, learning to Eat