Mothers of Invention

Gina Kun :: Discretion by Gina

After constant frustration with breastfeeding bras on the market due to their lack of support for milk-swollen breasts, Queensland mum, Gina Kun took one of her regular bras and cut holes in the cup. From this act, the idea transformed into a prototype for mums to feel confident and comfortable when feeding their child.

The outer visual component of the bra is similar to that of any good quality feeding garment, where the outer cup is fitted with a clip, which disengages at the strap. The outer cup is then free to drop down. Instead of the whole breast then being exposed, an inner cup provides support and covers most of the breast, leaving only the nipple exposed for feeding.

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Grant recipients were given an accolade button to post on web sites and social networks to show Huggies supports their innovative idea!