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Shae Tye :: Sleepy Wings

With newborn babies sleeping up to 16 hours a day for the first few months of their life, it is essential that a parent can provide a comfortable and safe sleeping environment.

After enduring sleepless Sydney summer nights, with a midnight breastfeeding routine, New South Wales mum, Shae Tye needed to find a solution of how to keep her daughter from overheating but also wrapped so that she didn't startle or scratch. Following home-made pattern making, over locking classes and months of trials the Sleepy Wings product was born. Sleepy Wings is an infant slumber wear jacket worn during a baby's day and night sleep, enabling them to sleep in their natural and preferred position. The garment keeps the baby's neck and chest clear of hazard and overheating as well as prevents the baby from scratching their delicate skin. The product is designed to mimic the swaddling method, without all the layers of muslin wrap.

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