Change Mats Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Where can I find Huggies Change Mats?

A. Huggies Change Mats can be found in either the Nappies or Baby Wipes section of your supermarket. In pharmacies, they are located in the baby needs section- if you have trouble finding it, ask your pharmacist. Because Huggies Change Mats are so compact and small – please remember to look for a small green Huggies pack with a baby on the front

Q. What are some of the uses for Huggies Change Mats?

A. The most popular use is for nappy changes when you are out and about with your baby; this includes when you are out running errands or when you are visiting relatives and friends. Some of the tips from other mums have been that they will use them for road trips and picnics as well. One mum has suggested using the Change Mats after swimming lessons as it provides a dry place to change her baby. Another said it was also useful for older kids after swimming, because the Change Mat can also be used in the car for the kids to sit on. Change Mats are also great during baby massage and as a backing for craft activities. Find out tips and ideas for other ways that mums use Huggies Change Mats.