Huggies Nappies Unique Soft and Secure Cushioning Side Shields

Every year, we ask hundreds of Huggies® mums to try our new nappy innovations, and we base our product innovations on this feedback. This year, as a result of your overwhelmingly positive feedback we have added a unique feature only in Huggies Nappies to hug your baby as gently and protectively as you do!

Leakage protection has been taken to a whole new level of comfort!

Only Huggies Nappies have unique Cushioning Side Shields designed to gently and protectively hug little legs. They’re never too tight or too loose, softly yet securely guarding against leaks and red marks at the legs.

These side shields have been tested with lots of our Huggies Mums, and 68% of them have told us that they prefer this unique Huggies nappy over their current Huggies nappy.

Plus, we have added a Waistband Pocket to help prevent bowel movement leakages at the back. This is a feature we already have on our Newborn and Infant nappies, so after hearing your feedback of how much you love this feature we’ve put it on all sizes.

® Registered Trademark Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. © 2013 KCWW.
^ Research Source: Ipsos (2012) Testing New Huggies Crawler Nappies versus current Huggies Nappies.