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Week 1 of 12WBT DONE!

Week 1 of 12WBT DONE!

So I completed week 1 of 12WBT and I was determined to make a positive start to it. Once the menus and ingredients went live the Thursday before, I started roughly following the programme. On the Monday when it officially kicked off I started following the “rules” to the letter, and it paid off with the scales shifting to the left, rather than the right at weigh in.

I’m exercising more than I have done in a few months and I admit I do feel better for it. I’ve taken Michelle’s advice and I’ve stopped overthinking it and instead I’m just DOING it. When I woke up and I was tired because my youngest had woken me several times throughout the night, instead of thinking about it, I just crawled out of bed and put my exercise gear on, turned on the DVD player and started working out.

Before, I would have lain there and tried to justify shifting my exercise to a later time of day, and then made excuses not to do it at all. So not thinking and just doing are working.

I’m also meeting some gorgeous girls from the Perth 12WBT crew who are on their second or third round of the programme and they are so inspiring. The fact they’ve come back and signed up for subsequent rounds says a lot about how good the programme is.

The food is delicious but I am still figuring out the best way to manage the 4 o clock in the afternoon munchies I keep getting! For now I’ve settled on one of the snacks from the snack list, but I kind of hope at some point I’ll get past it. I still have a long way to go, and I am finding it a real challenge, but the end goal of feeling fantastic on our family holiday is still the same. And finding the perfect cocktail dress too ;)

How did you do in week 1?

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Avatar SarahBlogger

With the end of the first week of 12WBT done, Sarah reflects on the week that was.

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