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Week 4 of 12WBT. It's starting to all make sense now....

Week 4 of 12WBT. It's starting to all make sense now....

“Keep calm and carry on” was my motto after my gain last week. Along with “Be consistent.” So I kept doing what I was doing and making sure that this past week I carried a water bottle with me wherever I went.

The result? I lost a kilo. So clearly I was possibly not hydrated enough, or not taking enough time measuring my portions. Let’s just say the kitchen scales has been out on the work surface all week and will be staying there indefinitely.

It’s a funny thing how only a few weeks into the programme I am doing and trying things I would never have done before. Last weekend for instance, I joined in a Guinness world record attempt for the world’s largest zumba class. If you knew me you might have laughed. I am a hopeless dancer but for this I didn’t care. I just gave it a go. And we actually broke the record and raised money for charity in the bargain.

What I am learning from this is that trying new things, and by that I don’t just mean exercise, I mean approaching my food in a healthy and measured way is actually really good for me.

After the first couple of weeks of thinking I would die of exhaustion, I am now finding I have way more energy than when I started. It’s all good. Sure there have been times when it would have been nice to eat the icing off the kids birthday cakes, or to divebomb their showbags and snaffle all the yummy stuff for myself. But I am exercising my willpower muscle lots and it is starting to get much easier to say no.

This week I have a couple of ‘red flags’ ahead with a short trip away and I am planning to try and deal with that as best I can. I’ll keep you posted. How did you go in week 4?

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Avatar SarahBlogger

As Sarah enters the next stage of the Michelle Bridges 12WBT programme, she realises lots more is happening to her, other than weight loss.

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Posted 24 October 2011 - 07:26 AM

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