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12WBT Week 7

12WBT Week 7

So this week I bought a dress. You know how I said at the start that I really wanted to be able to slip into a fabulous dress at Christmas time and feel great in it? Well I found one and it is now hanging in my wardrobe as a daily reminder that all this hard work is worth it. It fits ok, but it is one of those slinky numbers that will look better when I am at least 4 more kilos down (and will save me the hassle of wearing spanx)

That said, when I say hard work some things are getting so much easier. The food has become almost second nature. I am obsessed with the blueberry smoothies on the programme, and the pad thai is a family favourite. On some of the days I do find that I really try to negotiate myself out of exercising and I literally have to not think about it and just get dressed and get out there.

What I have found helpful is to have what I call a “weekly focus.” So this week it has been my arms. I have been really upping the exercise and weights I have been using, and making sure I don’t slack off when it comes to that part of the exercise DVD. Next week I am focusing on my tummy and the week after my rear end. Frankly I will never run out of areas to focus on but it is kind of fun to have specific goals isn’t it?

This coming week is measurement week and I must admit I am very keen to see how I am progressing. What with having to burn 1000 cals through exercise three times this week I will be cranky if there isn’t something to show for all my sweating! However, even if there isn’t I have learned that I just need to keep persisting with it all. Because I am feeling pretty good these days. And there’s the small matter of ‘the dress’ ;)

How is 12WBT treating you?

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Sarah talks about the 'weekly focus' she is incorporating into the 12WBT programme.

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Posted 14 November 2011 - 04:06 AM

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