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Can I use both the sign for drink and eat during the one feed, or will this confuse him?

Hi Jackie
I have read your book and started teaching my 6 month old. He usually starts his feed with a bottle then has some solids, can I use both the sign for drink (with his bottle) and eat (when giving solids) during the one feed or will this confuse him. Do you repeat the sign if he takes a break and then goes back to the bottle.
Where can I go for other signs not included in your book.
Thank you for your help.
regards Jill

Answer: Hi Jill,
Thank you for your email.

When providing your son with a bottle, sign the word bottle and say the word and then give him the bottle. You can then sign and say it a couple of times to help reinforce the sign. When you introduce the solds, sign and say the word eat and then give him some food. You can re use the sign between mouthfuls if you wish, again which will help reinforce the sign.

We are actually adding a range of additional Auslan products such as nursery rhyme books and dictionaries to the Australian Baby Hands website. This product will be live next week on the site. Best of luck and keep in touch and let me know how your son progresses.


Answered: 01 Dec 2008