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As Australian families, we spend our summers around the water, so it’s important to learn basic water skills as early as possibly. AUSTSWIM, the Australian Council for Teaching of Swimming and Water Safety, recommends that children can take part in water activities from the age of 6 months. That means you can start having fun with your little one earlier!

AUSTSWIM understands the benefits of swimming from an early age, and is working together to promote swim safety for kids because swimming:

  • Helps prevent infant drowning by encouraging water play with babies from the age of 6 months.
  • Provides health benefits for your child which builds confidence, develops social skills and aids muscle development.
  • Encourages the invaluable bonding experience between parents and their children.

And finally to highlight that by using Huggies Little Swimmers swimpants both you and your child can focus on learning and having fun without fear of embarrassing accidents and ensuring the water remains clean and safe for all to enjoy.

Remember, water play and swimming lessons won’t replace the need for constant supervision of children whenever they are around the water. But the more active involvement you have with your child in the water, even in fun water play, the more they will learn to love the water and feel at ease from the beginning.

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