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Gingerbread House

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This would make a great Christmas gift for the grandparents, friends or cousins. Such a fun way to add even more magic to Christmas. A great way to involve the kids in a fun holiday cooking activity!

Gingerbread house making


  • One gingerbread kit (house,sleigh etc) you can make your own with a gingerbread recipe but I found it easier and faster for the kids in the kit form. (you can find them in some lolly shops and Big W stores)
  • One batch of royal icing
  • Egg whites
  • Icing sugar
  • Assorted lollies like musk sticks, smarties, candy canes, anything you like to fill and to decorate your creations.
  • Patience (in case the roof slips off)
  • A cake board and some cellophane
  • And some little helpers to decorate the finished product.


  1. Clear a bench or table to work at.
  2. Place your cake board in front of where you will be sitting.
  3. Sift your icing sugar and slowly add egg whites till you get a stiff yet workable mixture.
  4. Fill an icing bag or snap lock bag with a hole or nozzle.
  5. Start assembling (don’t forget to add the lollies in the inside before you place the roof on, and make sure you put some icing around the base to hold it in place).
  6. When you have finished wrap in cellophane can be given as a gift or placed on your Christmas table.
  7. Have fun!

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