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Saveloy and Curry Pumpkin Pie

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A saveloy, also known as a frankfurt, is a type of highly seasoned pork sausage. It adds a bit of something special to this great pumpkin pie recipe.

Saveloy and Curry Pumpkin Pie


1 packet of pastry
6 saveloys/frankfurts
3-4 medium slices of pumkin
8 eggs
1-1.5 tsp curry powder
Salt & Pepper
Tomato sauce


1. Start by cutting up pumpkin into cubes about 1.5cm square, then boil them in a pot with salt until they are mostly cooked (about 5-10 mins). Once they are cooked, drain, and sprinkle over the curry powder and stir to combine.
2. Roll out pastry to fit a pie dish/tray (recommend a 30×20cm tray).
3. Place the pastry into the tray then add a good amount of tomato sauce and spread around to cover all of the bottom.
4. Next cut the saveloys into slices about 1cm thick and lay them all over the bottom of the pie.
5. Then add the layer of pumpkin cubes and evenly spread out. Sprinkle with pepper.
6. Crack the eggs into a bowl and give them a light whisk to combine them, then gently pour eggs over the pie to cover the saveloys and pumpkin.
7. Bake for 30-40mins at 220 degree centigrade.

Recipe idea submitted by Huggies Baby club member V. Baucke, Bulls, New Zealand

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Saveloy and Curry Pumpkin Pie

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