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Super Easy Asian Soup

Category: parenting

Duration: short

Age: parent

Keywords: nutrition, soup, comfort food, warming, winter food, asian, noodles


Full of delicious Asian flavours and healthy ingredients, this quick and easy soup recipe will go down a treat with all the family.

Super Easy Asian Soup


  • 200g diced chicken
  • Large handful of veggies, e.g. carrots, celery/bok choy, mushrooms, tomatoes – whatever needs using up
  • Chicken stock cube
  • Dash Soy sauce
  • Dash Sweet Chilli sauce
  • Other Asian sauces you may have in your cupboard
  • A saucepan of water
  • Noodles


  1. Heat a pan of water and add in the chopped carrots, followed by chicken then all veggies in order of hard to soft.
  2. Add sauces, tasting along the way.
  3. Cook noodles as per instructions – usually you can add them in with the soup.

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Super Easy Asian Soup

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