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Can you leak amniotic fluid?

just a quick quesiton, can you leak amniotic fluid??
a im 23 weeks and for a few week now i seem to have been leaking a watery substance with a odd smell kinda salty from time to time. at first as gross as it is i just assumed that it was pee mixed with sweat from the heat, as i have read your pelvic floor mussels relax, and have been doing those excersises. but the last couple of days, i havent been doing anything to cause a sweat to help make that odd smell, and i have noticed today that even straight after i go to the loo, if baby jumps around i seem to leak!! is my bladder just filling up in a matter of seconds?? or if bubs squashing out fluid??
i would appreciate any advise, as this is my first bub and am confused and starting to get a little worried!

Answer: Hi Karen, Thank you for your enquiry. It is advisable to visit your carer or your local hospital for a check up. It is best to be sure but if it is the amniotic fluid you may need some treatment. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 01 Apr 2008