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I have been sleeping in the same bed with him

hello alex,
im a first time mother, "unfortunatly single" i have gone through alot this year (i won a court case) while having a hunky little boy who is in 2 everything!! he brings a smile 2 my face every day :) i tell you all this becouse im the most proudest mother... but i fell i have made my son suffer due 2 this. i have other nesse`s and nephew`s and i know what is wrong and wright! my son is 20mths old i have been sleeping in the same bed with him for a while now (evan though he has his own gr8 room) i find he sleps better and gives me such nice cuddles!! i wont 2 stop this berfore he gets any older!! (im not very good at disaplian and i wont 2 do whats best for him) plz help me!! i no how bad it look 2 all the gre8 mums out there! he does not have a sleeping routein or much of a routein 4 that matter! (i know i can do better if i put my foot down - i never let him cry 4 over a min - wraped around my finger spoilt) i hate this plz help me help my son !!!
thank you so much (sorry about my spelling hope you could understand me?)
miss t sampson

Answer: Hi Miss Sampson, I`m a midwife dealing with pregnancy, childbirth and newborns. It`s best to direct your sleep related questions to Maree, or see your Early Childhood Health Centre. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 22 Apr 2008