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Would my having eaten 1/2 to 1hr prior to the GTT test have affected the result?

Hi Alex, my name is Agnes and I am a couple of days from being 28weeks pregnant. I recently underwent the GTT (1hr test with nil dietary nor fasting prep) and the results were 8.9. I was wondering if my having eaten 1/2 - 1hr. prior to the test may have affected the result. I haven`t had anything amiss show in my urine tests other than occasional ketones; on these occasions I had rushed to appointments and hadn`t eaten prior. I have not experienced excessive thirst nor hunger, however, I am still urinating frequently. I`ve had no blood pressure elevations nor vaginal infections. I`m concerned about what this may mean for bubs and future pregnancies and also the likelihood of my having a natural delivery, which is my want, over a caesaerian section. I am anxious about it and being a Friday evening, having only just received the results via phone, I am unable to access any of the midwives at the antenatal clinic I`m attending nor my GP (I am currently being supported through GP Shared Care).

Answer: Hi Agnes, Try not to worry too much as this test can be inaccurate. Your clinic will request a more comprehensive test that involves a special diet and better testing so that if you have a tendency to diabetes they will be able to diagnose it properly. If you do have the condition it is quite easily controlled by diet and sometimes insulin injections. This condition is quite common in pregnancy and the majority of women go on to have a vaginal birth and a healthy baby. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 01 Apr 2009