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I`m 37 weeks and have been experiencing severe pelvic pain

Hello, im 37 weeks pregnant with my second child and have been experiencing severe pelvic pain. I am unable to roll over in bed, lay on the couch without being in pain, stand for too long, getting in and out of the car is painful and walking is becoming tender and the area in general is very tender and sore. Im getting up during the night roughly around 5 times and am having alot of trouble sleeping. I have tried a heat pack, bathing, gone to a physio and the belt that they give out didnt do anything and i have now been told to use crutches to ease some of the pressure. My main concern is how this is going to affect my labour? Am i better off electing for a cesear? I know a girl who experienced the same problem and she ended up having to have an emergency cesear as she fractured her pelvis.. Im very worried..

Answer: Hi, This condition occurs from an increase in a hormone called relaxin that is present in late pregnancy. It is not the baby opening your pelvis but the hormone relaxing the cartilage at your pubic bone that is causing the instability. This does not indicate that the baby will not fit during the birth. During the labour is when the baby will pass through the pelvis and your carers will be able to check that it is fitting through. It is advisable to use lots of hot water during labour to ease your discomfort and also to assist with your movement. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 01 Apr 2009