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I continuously have a milky white discharge

Hi .. I am 35 weeks pregnant with my second child. The first is 19 months. I have noticed that in the last month or so i continuously have a milky white discharge, leaving me to wear a pad. At times it feels like I have peed myself, although the consistancy of the discharge is much thicker than urine. Sometimes however it changes and becomes really thick, stringy and sticky. I never had this the first time and wonder if you know what causes this?

Also after resting for a while, particularly at night, I cannot open my legs as the pain I feel in my bones eg: pubic bones is causing so much pain. It hurts to walk, even to sit. It almost feels the same as after the birth of my first child.
Thanks, Lis.

Answer: Hi Lis, An increased discharge is to be expected in pregnancy. If it is smelly or green then you need a check up. If you are itchy in your vaginal area you also need a check up. Softening of the cartilage of your pelvic bone is normal late in pregnancy. It can cause some pain and stretching in the area. If it is causing problems you can see a Physiotherapist for treatment. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 08 Jun 2009