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I have one inverted nipple and have been told that I can`t breast feed like that

hello there .. ive been trying to find some good infomation on this and what is the best way of sorting it out before i try and start to breast feed i have one inverted nipple and have been told that i can`t breast feed like that.. ive had dff ppl tell me about machines i can by to suck the nippple out which i have found rather expensive and then breast shields i have been told about as well .. but cant seem to find.. are they just the feeding ones or speical ones if u could please give me ur ideas on how to sort this problem before i have my baby i am now 29 weeks and wanting to breast feed but very stuck on my best way around this problem.

Answer: Hi,
You need to talk to your health care professional about this so that you can get the right help as soon as the baby is born. Sometimes this problem causes no difference to the baby and they are able to latch without difficulty to the breast. You may also want to use a breast pump (these can be hired from pharmacists) before feeds to help pull the nipple out. When a baby feeds it takes a whole mouthful of breast tissue and not just the nipple.
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Answered: 22 Jun 2009