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Do you think this time round I can ask for the epidural?

Hi Alex,
This is my 3rd pregnancy im only 10weeks pregnant but i can`t help but think about my previous pregnancy`s and births, with my first i had diebetes and he was born 9 pnd 2 and i had a blood transfusion, with my 2nd i was borderline diebetes and he was 9 pnd 10 but this time the birth was better and no blood transfusion, now im worried about this baby im only 8kg over weight like the other pregnancies i really don`t want to give birth to another enormous baby and i don`t want to have a c section, with my previous history do you think this time round i can ask for the epidural as with the first two i only had gas and felt the whole thing!!!
I really want and i think i diserve a pain free birth with the monsters i give birth too!!!!

Answer: Hi Kim, Thank you for your enquiry. Try starting to plan for the pregnancy and keeping a check on diabetes that more than likely will show signs of developing. Try to keep active with regular exercise and watch your diet. This will also help keep the size of the baby under control. An epidural is an invasive procedure that can assist women in the later stages of labour by numbing the lower abdomen and limbs. It is great when a woman is having a very long and exhausting labour with slow progress. Mostly when women have had a baby before and everything goes well there is little time to get an epidural – usually the baby is ready to come instead. See how you go over the next months, as the pregnancy progresses you will have more idea as to the birth and your pain relief plans. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 08 Feb 2008