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I have been trying to concive for 6 months

Hi Alex,
I have been Trying to Concive for 6 months. I have a son that is 1. I am on metformin and Clomid.I have PCOS. I ovulated on CD19 and i am now 9days past ovulation. I have mild twingy pains, near my vagina, not cramps but twinges every now and again. I never feel this before my period is due.. I have a letter from my doc to get a blood test done.. How soon can i have this done and do these twinges seem ok? good sign?

Answer: Hi, Thank you for your enquiry. It is advisable to check with your doctor as to when you should have the blood test. I am not sure of your history but a pregnancy test is usually done when a period is missed which would be due 14 days after ovulation. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 08 Feb 2008