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After an examination he said I have a prolapse of the vagina

Hi. I am 20weeks pregnant with my third child. I have been to see my obstetrician because of some problems i have been having "down below". After an examination he said i have a prolapse of the vagina, but because it was an emergency appointment that i had got because the "dragging" sensation was so painful - there was no time to discuss. I wondered if you could tell me some more information. I am desparate to have a natural birth, my first was a caeserean and my second natural (after a long fight with the NHS in the UK to allow to try for a natural)! But the only thing the obstretrician did have time to say was that if i go for another natural i risk having this pain for the rest of my life - which doesnt appeal!
I know i have not given you much info to go on - but any advice would be great.
thank you very much

Answer: Hi Rosie, Thank you for your enquiry. You need to see a physiotherapist and also do regular pelvic floor exercises. There may be a device that can help support your cervix and vagina that your doctor or physio can assist with. The pregnancy may be uncomfortable but it should not affect your birth. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 08 Mar 2008