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What should I be expecting to experience after a miscarriage?

Hi i`m trying to get seom info on what i should be expecting to experience after a miscarriage said it may be a blighted ovum. i was 11 weeks started spotting went to the hopital cos i needed an anti d injection and worried of course - left hospital 5 hours later told that everything was fine and i`m still pregnant, next day at doc follow up he says my hormone levels are to low with my dates and suspects m/c(hospital blood tests were same yet they said i was fine)scan later that stay showd empty sac. next day rushed to hospital with massive blood loss - they sent me home saying i should be okay - been a week and still bleeding heavily and passing lots of clots and other tissue and what not. just want to know if this is normal? when will the bleeding stop? when will i get my period? i can`t find any info anywhere on what to expect. i feel alone - how am i supposed to deal with this emotionally if i`m reminded evey day with the physical stuff!!!
please someone reply with a little insight - i would be greatly appreciated!!
also i didn`t have a d & c told i wouldn`t need one should i still make sure its all out of my body before i think i can try for my children, will it cause serious problems if things are left over

Answer: Hi, Thank you for your enquiry. A blighted ovum is when the joining of the egg and sperm does not happen as it should and it results in an empty sac and a miscarriage. This is very common and the majority of miscarriages are from a blighted ovum. If you miscarry over about a week and the bleeding settles then there is no need for a d & c. If the bleeding remains heavy a d & c may be advised so that infection can be prevented. If the miscarriage is complete and the bleeding settles you may get a period after this or it may not arrive until up to six weeks later – everyone is different. Following a d & c your period may not return for up to six weeks too. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 22 Mar 2008