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What is your opinion on rasberry leaf tea?

Hi Alex,
I have been told that my glucose test at 28 weeks has come back slightly higher than normal and I have to have the 2 hour test. Appararently normal levels is 7.8 and below and mine were 8.1. Anyway I have been told that I have to fast for the test for 8 hours basically nothing after midnight except water but I dont eat that late anyway but I have been doing some reading on the test and found that some people are asked to have a special diet for 3 days before hand. I have not been told this and was wondering whether this was the case and I should ring up and check again with the lady?

Also I have heard some things about Raspberry Leaf tea and tablets...what is your opinion on them?

Answer: Hi, The longer glucose tolerance test is usually done after a special diet so it may be worthwhile rechecking this – some things are done differently in some places. The basic test quite often comes back a little high, especially if you have eaten not long before the test. Raspberry leaf tea or tablets can be beneficial when taken in the third trimester of pregnancy. They are thought to improve the effectiveness of the labour and seem to benefit the mother. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 22 Jan 2009