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I`m only 18, I`m going to b a single mum and I`m really scared

hello, this is more of a mental question but im wondering if some of the things im thinking n feeling are normal... or if u think i will most likely end up with postnatal depression... im 27weeks 2day and have been thinking did i make the right choice keeping my baby... as im only 18 and im going to b a single mum... but for some reason i felt a conection to my baby that i dont feel that much ne more... it scares me to think this way because im going to be some ones god in less then a couple of months... n bubs is going to depend on me for every thing but now im starting to question if i can do it or not... im guessing from some of the negitive ppl i have around(my mum and bubs dad`s side) havnt helped me to think i can do it on my own... i have always been a strong person but im starting to think my baby is going to b my weakness... im so confused and no one can help me understand how im feeling... i know ur ment to b scared of having ur 1st baby but are my thoughts worse then other ppls??? they say they were scared but i think im shitting my self not just scared???

Answer: Hi, You really need to talk to your carers in more depth at your next appointment. They can refer you to a teen pregnancy clinic and to more specialised social workers who can help support you during this time. The help is out there for you but you do need to express your concerns to them so that they can assist you. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 22 Jul 2008