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Bad pain on the outer edge of my c-sect scar

Hi I am 27 weeks pregnant with my second child. My first was a c-sect. I am find that alot of times when I need to cough, it can be quite painful in the lower abdomen, I think it feels like the outer edge of my c-sect scar. It feels like a really bad stitch or pulling sensation when I actually cough, so I can`t cough properly without the pain. Could this have something to do with the scar tissue or is it more than likely just one of those `pregnancy things`? I never had anything like this with my first pregnancy.

Answer: Hi, This can be quite common. You could try gently pressing a small towel or pad over the scar when you need to cough to provide some support. Talk to your carers about this as they may want to investigate further. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 22 Sep 2008