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I would prefer to have a home birth if I can find a private midwife

Hi Alex,
We live in a country area and are currently trying for our first child. Assuming all goes well and I am pregnant (I have a good feeling and my temperature keeps going up!)I have some questions about my care. The facilities available in my area are quite good, though the local hospital has a fairly high rate of caesarean which does not impress me, and I would be a public patient but I would prefer to have a home birth if I can find a private midwife. I would prefer to have private midwife care but am not sure if this will be available and I am a unsure about where to start. I don`t want to get caught up in the hospital system.

When do I need to see someone and what can I request be done/ not done? I would like an ultrasound at around 12 weeks and a nuchal fold test but other than that would prefer not to have too much medical intervention.

I am unsure what `needs` to be done and what my rights are. Can I request just midwife care? Basically I would prefer to be allowed to have a natural pregnancy and birth without anyone trying to tell me I need to be induced or that I might need this or that and I would like to know where I stand.

I would greatly appreciate your input.

Answer: Hi Setty, Thank you for your enquiry. If you want an independent midwife this is not covered by medicare so you need to pay for this. You can have only a midwife for your entire care. You can visit the website for information on homebirth. Your midwife can organise where you need to go for your tests during pregnancy. If there is not information on your area please contact one of the midwives on the website and they will be able to put you in contact with a midwife in your area. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 01 Dec 2007