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Baby sleeps on tummy

Hello Alex, my baby is 13weeks old i have always had probs getting him to sleep during the day unless in my arms, a friend told me to put him on his tummy during the day and that this might settle him and i could keep an eye on him while he is sleeping. Now however he won`t sleep at all day or night unless he is on his tummy obvioulsy during the night i cant keep getting up to check on him. is it ok for him to sleep on his tummy at night? nothing is in his cot, he is in a sleeping bag at night and his bed is tightly made up, i do have a sheep skin under the sheet to make it a little more comfortable for him, is it ok for him to sleep all the time on his tummy? you are always told not to put them on their tummies but what else do you do if they dont like to sleep on their backs?.

Answer: Hi, Thank you for your enquiry. It is not recommended for babies to sleep on their tummies at all. It is against the SIDS guidelines and is considered a risk to do so. You need to put your baby to sleep on his back. It will only take you a few days for him to get used to this. He may protest a little at first but babies are very adaptable. Be strong and it will happen. If he settles for ling periods once asleep he will change over quite quickly. Best wishes, Alex.
Answered: 01 Nov 2007