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Dreaming of horrible things

My best friend lost her 3 month old daughter to SIDS in may this year. At the time i was 31 weeks pregnant with my now 3 month old son. I keep dreaming of horrible things happening to my 2.5y old daughter and my son, how do i relax and stop paniking about them. I try so hard to believe everything is ok, but i can`t shake the feeling something bad will happen and i will lose both of my children.

Answer: Hi, Thank you for your enquiry. Your feelings are very normal and are to be expected with your friend having had such a terrible thing happen to her. If you follow the SIDS guidelines on sleeping positions and no smoking you will greatly reduce the risk to your baby. A baby over 18 months is not considered to be at risk of SIDS. Best wishes, Alex.
Answered: 01 Nov 2007