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Early pregnancy symptoms

Based on the information i`ve given to my doctor he has worked out i am 7 weeks pregnant. This is my first so i`m unsure what is normal. My tummy has popped out and i can no longer fit in my clothes, extremely tired all the time, Ribs hurt, back aches, sore joints ( kness, ankles, elbows) Itchy back and tummy No morning sickness though .... but i`m only 7 weeks. Is it possible that we have miscalculated??
Please help

Answer: HI, Thank you for your enquiry. Your body goes through lots of changes during early pregnancy and everyone is different and can experience different symptoms with each pregnancy. These changes sound normal for 7 weeks so don`t worry too much just yet and it will sort itself out. Best wishes, Alex.
Answered: 01 Nov 2007