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Can breastfeeding during pregnancy effect growth of baby

Hi Alex,
I am in the early stages of my 4th pregnancy (2 DS`s and 1 M/C at 8 weeks). I had my first scan and antenatal appt yesterday which based on the first day of my last period made me 8wks and 5 days. My OB did an U/S and based on measurements said that I was not as far along as I thought and put me at 7 weeks. I thought my cycle may have been longer this time which would account for some difference however I know that the date we conceived was the 10/9/07 (or however long after that it takes nature to do it`s thing!)

I am now worried that there is something wrong if the baby is measuring so much smaller than would be expected for my dates... I am still breastfeeding DS2 (11 1/2 months). Could this be a factor?
Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: HI Megan, Thank yo for your enquiry. Early ultrasounds can be inaccurate at predicting size and dates sometimes as the baby can be difficult to see. Try not to worry too much just yet. Breast feeding does not effect the growth of your baby. Best wishes, Alex.
Answered: 01 Nov 2007