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Is it just because the pregnancies are close?

Hi Alex,
I am 27 almost 28 weeks pregnant with my fourth child. My will have 10 months between my youngest DS and this one when it is born. I have been experiencing a lot of lower pain, through my pelvic area and bottom. If I am on my feet a lot or sitting a lot I get really achy through this area. I am not sure if it is just because I am having two pregnancies so close or what. I am big with this pregnancy I am nearly as big now as I was when I delivered DS is March 07. At the 26wk check I measured 30 and have measured ahead from 20 weeks. The midwife at the hospital just blames it on the two close together, everything is blamed on the age gap by her.

I have been active for most of the pregnancy with playing indoor sport until 19 weeks and walking everyday now. I have done pelvic floor exercises for years as my mum had problems so it is something I have always done. Is there anything you can suggest to help the pains and is it just because the pregnancies are close? It is really starting to effect my movements.

Thank you

Answer: Hi, Thank you for your enquiry. With subsequent pregnancies you quite often appear to be much bigger earlier. Sometimes however you can develop problems with the pregnancy such as diabetes where the baby can grow bigger than it should. If you do think that the baby is too big for its age then you need to be checked. Please discuss this possibility with your midwife. Discomfort in pregnancy is very normal and with a small child to look after this can exacerbate this. Best wishes, Alex.
Answered: 08 Nov 2007