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Is it normal to get tingling in the right hand?

Hi Alex, I am asking about once one has given birth, is it normal for one to get tingling in the right hand, I have checked my sugar levels and they are all what they call normal. but late in the evening and at night my actual hand aches, not my arms etc but my hands. the only thing that seems to give some kind of relief is hot and cold water treatments.
I am booked into see my local GP, but an curious what I might be able to do while I breastfeed my little baby girl.
Have you heard of this happening after giving birth?? my Gyno said sometimes this does happen but nothing more has been said..??
hope you can help out
A new mummy for CJ

Answer: Hi, Thank you for your enquiry. This may be carpal tunnel syndrome that is caused by the extra fluid in your body after giving birth and also when breast feeding. It probably will settle soon as the extra fluid settles down. In rare cases it can continue to cause problems and then you may need to look at surgery to correct it. Best wishes, Alex.
Answered: 29 Nov 2007