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When you`re admitted to hospital, what should happen?

Hi Alex just wondering if u could help me. When u go into labour and r admitted to hospital, what should then happen?? Should u be regularly checked? should the midwifes check how far u are along? should the babies heart rate be monitored? what usually happens..would be greatful for an answer thankyou..

Answer: Hi, Thank you for your enquiry. There are usually some great pregnancy classes that discuss all of this and more that are done through your local hospital. The delivery suite of the hospital is always open and is available for enquiries at all times. If you have a question about possible labour then you need to call the midwives and discuss your plan from there. If you are in early labour it is advisable to stay at home as you are far more comfortable there and the majority of first labours are long - around 18 hours or more. You can try walking, hot baths or showers, small snacks. If the contractions are becoming unbearable and you are not coping then that is a good time to go to hospital. Once you are at hospital the midwives will check you and the baby regularly. Best wishes, Alex.
Answered: 29 Nov 2007