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Doctor just told me that I have a small lobe on my placenta

Hi my name is Sascha im 28 and i live in country W.a. I have 4 children the last 2 are twins. I am now 23 weeks pregnant with my 5th child and my doctor just told me that i have a small lobe on my placenta and they will do another scan at 30weeks and thats it he didnt say anymore and didnt want to hear any of my questions. I came straight home and got on the internet there are some pretty scary answers out there when you type in "dangers of a small lobe on placenta". Im just wondering if you could answer any of my questions now that i have scared myself to death and have made myself worry like is it dangerous i have read things about "vasa previa" and a lot of people that have this condition also have had a lobe on their placenta? Will i need a c/section? and will my baby and myself be ok? Any of these questions that you could answer for me would be greatly appreciated as i dont have anyone else to ask and i cannot see any other doctor in my town.

Answer: Hi Sascha, Please don’t worry too much and if you are worrying it is best to contact your doctor to provide a more complete explanation rather than only a part. If there was a real danger to the health of you or the baby I am sure that you would have been advised. There is a condition called a succenturiate lobe of the placenta. This is when the placenta has an extra small lobe next to the main placenta. This is of no danger to mother or baby and everything can continue as normal for the rest of the pregnancy. The placenta just needs to be checked that it is all there after the birth as there is a small increased risk of the small lobe being retained. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 15 Dec 2008