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Protecting Baby’s Skin

As you know, your baby’s skin is delicate and during this early stage is prone to a range of skin irritations – most commonly nappy rash. That’s why skin care has been a core focus for Huggies over the past 30 years – ensuring our nappies help your bub’s skin remain as perfect as the day they were born.

You may have seen recent media reports and conversations on social media around Huggies Ultra Dry Nappies and cases of skin irritation. We can assure you that our products are made to the highest safety and quality standards – in fact they are designed to help prevent nappy rash.

The Office of Fair Trading Queensland (QOFT), on behalf of Australian Consumer product safety regulators, has now completed an extensive independent investigation, which concluded that our Huggies Ultra Dry range is safe for use and fit for purpose. If you’re interested to learn more – full details are available here.

Using a high-quality nappy and having the right skin products and routine is vital to promote skin health. Here are some of our top skin savvy tips.

There are many types of skin irritation but one of the most common issues is nappy rash. Sensitive baby skin is susceptible to nappy rash through skin wetness or over hydration, increased skin pH levels, exposure to irritants in poo and urine, even things like teething or heat.

This makes it hard to pinpoint the cause of the rash. So when it comes to skin health, prevention is always better than cure.

Tips to avoid nappy rash:

  • Air: Allow baby’s skin to air dry as often as possible with some nappy off time.
  • Nappy: ensuring you have a high-quality nappy that delivers softness, dryness and breathability
  • Clean: ensure your bub’s bottom is thoroughly clean at every change time with a baby wipe. Ensure you wipe mess away not rub.
  • Lotion: for bubs prone to irritation or experiencing rash, nappy rash creams help provide a barrier between the nappy and the bub’s mess aiding baby’s damaged skin to heal.

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What to look for in a nappy?

A high-quality nappy plays an essential role in preventing nasty irritation and promoting healthy skin. What to look for:

  • SOFT: ensuring only soft gentle materials comes in contact with bub’s skin
  • DRY: ensuring the nappy is dry by drawing moisture away from the skin. You don’t want baby sitting in a pool of wetness.
  • BREATHABILITY: ensuring the nappy allows air circulation keep baby cool and dry.

That’s why so many parents rely on Huggies for comfortable happy bubs.

All our products are extensively tested and developed to deliver 3 way skincare protection:

  • Skin loving softness. Made with gentle fabrics and materials with no hidden irritants
  • Unique DryTouch layer that instantly absorbs wetness leaving baby’s skin clean and drier
  • BreatheDry Cover that is highly breathable allowing air to circulate around bubs skin and is clinically proven to help prevent nappy rash.
  • Plus with up to 12hr overnight leakage protection, you can rely on them to protect your bub all day and night.

Discover the whole Huggies range and find a product that matches the needs of your bub.