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He frequently bites me (his mother), but no-one else!

Hi Sally-Anne,
On the topic of biting, my 19 month old regularly and frequently bites me (his mother), but no-one else! He doesn`t seem to do it out of anger or frustration. It often happens when we`re playing together or when he comes for a cuddle. He has been quite frightened around me in the last 6 months as I`ve been ill and he has seen me lose balance and faint on a few occasions, and I wonder if this doesn`t explain his behaviour in some way.
Thanks for your response!

Answer: Hi. Thanks for your email. Young children do not have the verbal skills to communicate their feelings and certainly in this situation your child has had a stressful time with your illness. It is very likely that this inappropriate but understandable behaviour is his method of expressing his overwhelming emotions. He simply needs plenty of reassurance and love, but make sure you give him a clear message that his behaviour is not appropriate. Again, read the article on biting that I wrote for this website (see link at the top of this page) as it may give you some more ideas on how to help him express his worries in a more positive way. All the Best! Sally-Anne
Answered: 29 Nov 2007