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After three months of using the potty, she didn`t want to anymore

Hello Sally-Anne,
My daughter who is 23 months has been a bit difficult in the last few months she basically wanted to use the potty very early so we let her go and the maternal nurse said she was definately ready and she was really excited and was pooing and weeing in the potty every time and then one day she decided that after three months of doing it she didn`t want to anymore and has now stopped and only uses the potty for poos we have kept her in pull ups but she wees in them all the time, she used to say wee and know when she needed to go now she doesn`t have any reaction to it. The other problem is she bites her little brother who is 8 months on the fingers and head and then says `i am naughty imy` or says `dont bite` she makes her brother cry but doesn`t care and she keeps doing it, can you help me with advise on these two issues.
Thanks Metissa

Answer: Hello Metissa, Your daughter is not quite 2, so I would not worry too much about her not weeing in the toilet at the moment. I am sure there are a number of parents reading this now wishing that their child was using a potty for poos – that is wonderful! If you want, you can set up a reward chart for her and allow her to put a sticker on every time she wees in the toilet. Or now that the weather is becoming warmer you could take the Pull-Ups off her and put on some pretty underwear so then she can feel when it gets wet and she might be more inclined to go to the toilet. However, given her age, it is probably going to be something that she will decide to do again in the near future. Try not to worry too much about it. As for your second problem, please read my article on this website about toddlers biting and some of the previous questions and answers. As a psychologist, I am a little concerned about her “self-talk”. She is saying “I am naughty” and probably other negative statements. I would try to work on those by saying things to her like “No, you are not naughty, but you sometimes hurt your brother”. Spend some time reinforcing the things that she does well (eg. “Look how helpful you are by getting me a nappy for the baby”). If she feels more positive about herself, then maybe both of these issues will correct themselves. GOOD LUCK! All the Best! Sally-Anne
Answered: 29 Nov 2007