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Avatar Topaz45
Very sore looking bottom

My daughter is getting a very sore looking rash on her bottom when she has a soft poo, it's like she is being burnt from the contact with her skin even when I change her immediately, any suggestions as to the cause and the best way to sooth and reduce the inflammation which is quite severe and incredibly red.
I've used bepanthen and sudocrem with some success, is there anything better?

Jane ...
Answer: You may need to take her to the doctor to see if she has an underlying bacterial or thrush infection. Both of these need specific creams rather than standard emollients or creams. Sometimes the poo can be quite "acidic" and burn the already inflammed skin. Using a thick barrier cream can be useful because it quite literally creates a barrier between the sensitive skin and the poo. Changing frequently, using plain warm water with changes, avoiding harsh wipes and some airing of the nappy area each day will also help. When applying the cream warming it by rubbing between your fingers will help to eliminate the "drag" of the cream against her skin. Using good quality disposables will also help. Cheers Jane
Answered: 16 Sep 2012