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Avatar Pittams7
Bottle to sippy cup or not at all before sleeps

Hi, My 19 month old daughter still has a bottle before her day sleep and her night sleep. I have been told that I should stop giving her a bottle, however she has milk and water from a sippy cup during the day and only has the bottles for before sleeps, should i be giving the milk to her from sippy cups instead or should I just stop giving her milk before her sleeps?

Jane ...
Answer: At 19 months there are real benefits in ceasing all bottles and offering milk and water from sippy or normal cups. What is ideal is to offer three serves of full cream cow's milk per day; milk on cereal and at lunch and dinner a cup of milk but after the solid meal. Water in between from the cup is good. She may protest about not having the bottles, but in terms of maintaining her teeth and avoiding decay, a cup is the best option. Role model drinking water from cups yourself and either toss all of her bottles away (which is probably the best option and least confusing for her), or gradually reduce when you are giving her the bottles. Cheers Jane
Answered: 22 Sep 2012