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Avatar Jazzy...
my 26 month old son doesnt say many words

hi i was just wondering if i should be worried that my 26 month old son doesnt put 2 words together in a sentance and only says about 10 words. He understands all instructions and is extremely clever at puzzles and chatters alot. thanks

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, Thanks for your question. It is reassuring that he can follow directions and chatters. The first question we ask ourselves re. speech and language development is if the hearing is ok? Are there any other areas of developmental or growth concern? At 2 years a "red flag" would be that a child does not have at least 50 words, is not putting workds together eg "push car" and most of what is sadid is not easily understood. However, it's worth remembering that every child is an individual and that boys tend to be a bit slower than girls in developing speech and language skills. If you are worried then have a chat with your GP about a referral to a speech therapist. You don't even need to have a referral but if you want to access your local children's hospital then a referral would be necessary. If you have private health insurance then you could access one who speacialises in children, this is important. Bear in mind that the public hosptials and community health centres have fairly long waiting lists and if intervention is necessary, it's vital that this is implemented early for optimum results. If you are concerned then an assessment and perhaps reassurance if nothing else, would be useful. Cheers Jane
Answered: 30 Sep 2012