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What are some of the normal behaviours of a terrible 2 toddler?

Is it normal for a two year old toddler to decide they don't want to eat breakfast and dinner and is it normal for them to go through stages where they don't want anything to do with their father?

Jane ...
Answer: Absolutely, at two toddlers are very egocentric and driven by their impulses. Try not to expect too much and aim for a simple, routine life. YOu'll find that sometimes your toddler is delightful and others not so much. Aim to keep him busy and stimulated with lots of outside play and activities. Spend some one on one time together every day. It's so important that you don't let your toddler dictate the terms of their relationship with their dad. Boys and girls benefit enormously from having a "hands on" father so bathing, changing, feeding and general playing needs to be done equally as much by mothers and fathers (where possible). Care well for yourself and your relationship during this challenging time. It's in your toddlers role description to be frustrating and impossible to deal with sometimes. But he/she will evolve through this and it really helps parents to keep a sense of humour and be strong and united as a couple through the challenges of parenting an egocentric toddler. Cheers Jane
Answered: 06 Oct 2012