Avatar Sharg...
Hi. I am about to start toilet training my son and would like to know, if he has an accident in his pull-ups, do I put him on the toilet straight away, or because he has already been just change his pants? Thanks

Jane ...
Answer: This is a great question. It can help for toddlers to “link” wetting/pooing with the toilet, even if it’s after the event. But ideally, try to sit him on the toilet every couple of hours and after meals. That way, you’re more likely to avoid wet/dirty pull-ups and he’ll learn to associate having a full bladder and or bowel with going to the toilet.
Expect three steps forward and one step back with is toilet training. Spring and summer are the best seasons to TT purely from a practical point of view. Less layers of clothing and washing etc.
Be patient with him. Boys tend to take longer to TT than girls and tend to mature later when it comes to being dry at night.
Answered: 08 Oct 2016